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Alvin and I have made the big decision to move to Detroit this summer. Here is our blog chronicling our adventures as we explore our new city. Detroit, you are about to get two new committed, young people. Are you ready? Are you pumped?

I visited Detroit yesterday – just a little driving tour with my parents who live in suburban Detroit. Our aim was to get a feel for some of the neighborhoods, and as a first impression I was absolutely blown away by the vacancy and desolation. I expected it – I’m no newb to The D – but now that I have a different perspective (I am a future resident — not just a visitor anymore), I was struck all over again by what I saw. Nevertheless, I am confident that the smattering of positive things happening in Detroit can be knit together into a full on movement. We want to encourage that movement along. We’re not looking for a life in the suburbs. We’re saying yes to you, Detroit.

And so a little driving tour. A quick run down:

First up: a visit to the Midtown neighborhood. Midtown is pretty sweet — it is the area immediately surrounding the cultural institutions that I grew up visiting: the Detroit Institute of Arts, Orchestra Hall, Wayne State University. Midtown was bumping yesterday despite the chill and the snow. Seems relatively walkable and has a lot of amenities in close proximity. I’m excited about the possibility of living near so much creativity. Could this neighborhood be our new home?

Second: the Corktown neighborhood. Corktown is the area surrounding old Tiger Stadium and the abandoned Michigan Central Station, which has to be one of Detroit’s most striking buildings. It pains me a little bit to be describing a neighborhood by what used to be there, but I acknowledge that Tiger Stadium’s empty field and MCS’s empty shell are an important part of Corktown’s history. These days, Corktown is loaded with fun old houses built close together and some of Detroit’s most famous restaurants and bars (Slow’s BBQ, anyone?). In 2009 I had a chance to experience Corktown both on foot in the Turkey Trot (15,000 people running through the streets of Detroit in costume? you must love this race) and on a bike in the Tour De Troit (a must ride bike tour of Detroit starting and finishing at MCS with lots of delicious local food.)

Third: Boston-Edison. This is a really cool part of town full of gorgeous homes and mansions. Check out Model D’s neighborhood guide for a nice description. I found this driving tour online, so we were able to identify the former homes of pretty much anyone famous who ever lived in Detroit ever. It’s 8 pages of famous people! Take the tour!