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ALLISON: I have decided not to purchase a car (let’s see how long I can hold out!), and so we are a one-car household in The Motorcity. Besides, we really like to bike, so we’ve been tooling the town on two wheels in fine alliterative fashion.

ALVIN: Totes! Technically, our tooling began this summer not in Detroit, but with a trip back to the Cleve for the MS 150 Pedal to the Point. Having since expanded to eleven members since I did this with my friend & roommate Vikash 2 years ago, Team I Like Bike rode from Cleveland to Sandusky and back again in one weekend, covering a total of 150 miles to raise money for the National MS Society. The weather was mostly sunny, and Allison & I took advantage of our free tickets to Cedar Point to check out the latest, greatest roller coaster technology of 1989: the Magnum XL. That 200 ft drop totally rattled my GameBoy!

Team I Like Bike

ALLISON: With our new and improved bike short tans, we participated in Critical Mass on August 27th. Massive indeed! We got to explore new corners of our new city with several hundred other riders. My favorite part of Critical Mass is the answer to the inevitable question from automobile drivers: “Why do you ride?” Everyone’s answer is different: for peace, for climate change, for safe bicycle and pedestrian access to roads, for exercise, for fun. What are your reasons for riding a bike? Will you join us this month?

ALVIN: Just last weekend, we rode up from our downtown pad to Royal Oak for the phenomenally popular Arts, Beats, & Eats. A reporter friend of ours mentioned that in its first 2 days, AB&E had more attendees than in its total 4 days last year in Pontiac. Score one for Detroit festivals and Royal Oak! Plus, our route (primarily up 2nd Ave and the side roads just east of Livernois) was super easy riding – it’s interesting that the big roads with wide shoulders make it easy for both cars and bikes to get around. Plus with greenways such as the Dequindre Cut providing an easy way for people to get to & from Eastern Market, I’m surprised Detroit didn’t make Bicycling magazine’s Top 50!

ALLISON: We spent a gorgeous Labor Day afternoon biking to and around Belle Isle. Belle Isle on Labor Day is an excellent combination of smoky barbeques, family picnics, and reunions. We took our tennis racquets and played on the gorgeous free tennis courts. (It was my second time playing tennis ever. I’ve decided to learn. I’m probably the best tennis player you’ve ever met.) We saw so much great bird life – geese, sparrows, herons, pigeons, and ducks. I love birds, and I was only too happy to spend my labor day with them, Alvin, and my trusty bike.

You can almost see the heron standing in the water if you squint OR if you retook the photo with something other than the camera on your iPhone.

ALVIN: And if this post has you feeling like dusting off your own trusty two-wheeler, join us Saturday, September 25th for the Tour de Troit. This relaxed and easy 30+ mile ride is an excellent way to see first-hand some of the cool things happening in Detroit. Allison thoroughly enjoyed this last year, and I’m really looking forward to it this year. Hope to see you there!