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…or digs in space.

ALLISON: Since today is moving day (eek) we want to update you on our last – successful – trip to Detroit: the trip where we found a place to live and fell in love with a little bit more of the city. This trip was focused on downtown living options. Not to cut to the chase too quickly, but we found a sweet pad! A downtown high rise with a view of the river and just a few quick strides from the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is my absolute favorite new development in Detroit. How great is it to have the gorgeous river’s banks be totally accessible to all Detroiters? I am hooked.

“From Downward Dog, raise your arms into Ren-Cen pose. Center yourself.”

Milliken State Park is a nice patch of green along the river. A warehouse looks on in admiration.

ALVIN: After touring around a few apartments downtown (at one point in our walk we found these crazy mushrooms growing under one of the roadside bushes), we headed to a sunny lunch outside at the new Campus Martius Fountain Bistro. Allison tells me there is ice-skating in the winter here, but lunch beside the running water in the summer is all right by me.

ALLISON: On Saturday morning I ran one of my favorite 10K races: the Oak Apple Run. My team won!

ALVIN: Also in Royal Oak is a great community theater company called Stagecrafters, where we caught their end of the season rendition of Mel Brooks’ The Producers (NB: this is not to be confused with Mel Gibson’s autobiographical new production “Beating a Dead Career Some More.”).

ALLISON: As we left we stopped by local shops Hansons and Moosejaw. We are now set for lots more runs along the Riverwalk and our upcoming trip to the Appalachian Trail. Thanks, Hansons and Moosejaw!

All in all, it was a great trip, leaving us excited about our Detroit days to come. We’ll be official residents on Monday — hope to see you around!


Hey Detroit Concertgoers,

A quick plug for a performance of a new musical “The Story of Job” sung by the Michigan Concert Choir. It’s based on the old testament book, which you might think, wise biblical scholars that you are, is pretty dark material for a musical. But we saw Sweeney Todd, didn’t we, and that worked. So, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Here are the details on the recently added performance:
     The Story of Job
      June 19, 2010
     7:00 pm
     Royal Oak First United Methodist Church
     Cost: $0.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention this show features my dad in a heavenly role. I am biased, but daughterly predisposition aside it is a great show. I caught one of their performances several weeks ago, and I give it 5 out of 5 leprotic boils.

In other news Alvin and found a place to live; moving day is July 19th! More on that soon!