At the end of a long week spent mostly behind a computer, I was completely stir crazy on Friday night. As Alvin and I contemplated our first weekend night of entertainment, sedentary activities (bars, shows, etc.) looked like our only options. I couldn’t deal! I was prepared to chuck all the amazing happenings to run sprinting drills down our hallway!

Until we came up with roller skating.

Thirty minutes after a google search, we were at the incredible Detroit Roller Wheels. On Gospel Night!

You guys, seriously. This roller rink is awesome. You probably want to go there as soon as possible. The rink itself is enormous and really well maintained — no potentially maiming bumps or crevices. (This is important because it turns out my meager skating skills haven’t spontaneously improved since the last time I was on skates in 1992. Alvin, however, is an evil genius on eight wheels. Who knew?)

Detroit Roller Wheels is affordable ($6 gets you in the door, $2 for skate rental) and the tunes are bumpin. Read: GOSPEL NIGHT. I could totally be persuaded to go back every week — any takers?